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Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles

Come Fall in Love!

Come, Fall in Love !with


World's most Intelligent and

Beautiful Family Dog!

Note: The above two pictures and the following picture of our puppy 'Harpo' were taken by our puppy family in San Francisco, Thank you Dina!

Our Featured Pups

Above: Our Puppy in Saratoga (Mojo)

 Below: Our puppy with his family in Sausalito

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Our Puppy in Mill Valley

Our Puppy in Pleasanton

The Australian Labradoodle

Also known in Europe as the Australian Cobberdog

Own the dog chosen by the Royal Family in Norwegia

To be their family pet

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Litter from 2017

parti labradoodle, white and red labradoodle

Litter from 2015

Litter from 2014

Litter from 2013


About the Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradodle was first bred by the Guide dog organization

specifically to cater to people with low vision and an allergy to dog hair.

Why just get any pet?

For the same price

Get the World's Best Family dog,

Friendly, loving, gentle, non-aggresive, intelligent, with Beautiful fleece

coats that look like Teddy Bears and Living Plush toys!






Certified Australian Labradoodles

Bay Area, California

Our Stunning Red Labradoodle

 Now accepting deposits for our 2016-2017 Litters


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Our foundation breeding dogs include lines from the

finest Australian Labradoodle Breeders in the country and the world, including Australia, we also have wonderful therapy and service dog lines from established service dog breeders in Indiana.

We only breed authentic Australian Labradoodle

puppies that have outstanding, nonshedding,

allergy friendly coats.

We have Australian Labradoodles in the following

sizes: Standard, Medium and Mini

 Our puppies have beautiful wavy and curly fleece coats

All Labradoodles, regardless of color are wonderful family pets.

They are sociable and intelligent, intuitive, friendly and very trainable.

They are great with kids

Our red Labradoodle, Scarlett


All our Breeding dogs are tested

We provide personalized experience with your breeder and offer you continuing support with your pet

Our puppies have an excellent pedigree and are descended from the famed

Rutland Manor and Tegan Park bloodlines.

Our Red Labradoodle, Ruby

We give you a two year guarantee for your pet; free of genetic defects

Every pet comes with a toy, food for a week, the first round of vaccines, a booklet on

raising your puppy, and a blanket

We provide initial training for your pet, and will include crate training, socializing and basic obedience


ALCA Labradoodle Breeder California