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What are Rutland Manor and Tegan Park Breeding lines? What is the "Australian" Labradoodle anyway?

Rutland Manor and Tegan Park are the founders of the breed, the Australian Labradoodle. The much loved and precious breed, called Australian Labradoodle was developed in Australia, 40 years ago to have the following characteristics:

  1. A Beautiful, thick coat, wavy or curly fleece, 
  2. A lovely square face, 
  3. An allergy friendly, low shedding coat
  4. A gentle and sweet temperament that is consistently so
  5. An intelligent and easily trainable dog, obedient,

The Australian Labradoole is an infusion dog. However, the infusions were carefully chosen by the founders of the breed to keep the Australian Labradoodle in conformity with the above characteristics.  

Many breeders in the US tried to copy the "Australian Labradoodle" and simply bred a labrador to a poodle to achieve this. These unhappy results are the First generation labradoodles. These are not really Australian Labradoodles. The original labradoodle was developed 40 years ago to be a guard dog for the blind, and has been bred down several generations for consistency in these characteristics that the original breeders sought to create.

Where do our dogs live?

Our dogs live in guardian homes. Our dogs are not raised in a kennel . They are loved, and cared for by their loving guardian families. Our puppies are raised by our family in our home, and occasionally in our guardian family homes. Our puppies are loved, hugged, trained and cared for. Our puppies receive good medical care, vaccines, microchip, deworming, doctor visit etc, before they go home to their forever family.

We only carry puppies with Tegan Park and Rutland Manor bloodlines.