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All our labradoodles are gentle, loving, allergy friendly,

 Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles

We have two Strikingly Handsome

Chocolate and White Tuxedo

Labradoodle Puppies available 

June 2021

chocolate and white tuxedo labradoodle

Available: Pearl: White Labradoodle Puppy

Blue eyes, pink nose, lovely white wavy fleece coat

June 2021

cream labradoodle puppy

 We are proud members of the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association, WALA

wala logo

Saffy, Gorgeous red with striking white accents

Booked 2019

We are expecting new litters this February, please check Upcoming Litters page

Pixie: Booked

DAD: Benji

MOM: Reimi

Apricots, reds, caramels

22-34 pounds

Ruby and Benji Litter 


1 space available

Ruby Puppies Picture


Ginger and Benji Litter 2018

Gone Home 

22-36 pounds

Colors: Apricots, reds, caramels, parti pups, chocolates


Benji Litter 

Booked Sparky


Booked: Caesar

Booked: Gracie

Booked: Archie

Booked: Juneau

Booked: Pepper

Booked: Pluto


These will be certified Australian Labradoodles, size will be 21-35 pounds, medium size. Apricots and reds, gorgeous wavy fleece coats, low to non shedding, Mom is very sweet natured and gentle, very obedient and loving dog. Father is affectionate, playful and is gentle. He is complimented for his absolutely beautiful coat where ever he goes. Judging by the parents wonderful temperament, the puppies will have a very loving and gentle temperament, and will be good with children...

         Some pictures of this adorable Sherry and Benji litter





Upcoming Litters

                         Kiko                               and                Benjamin



Expected Colors: red, chocolate, apricot, with beautiful accent markings, wavy fleece coat.

Size: 24-36 pounds

Expected go home date for puppies: First week of April 


             Bailey                      and              Benjamin



Professional Labradoodle Breeder in Sunnyvale, CA

When you are looking for a labradoodle breeder in Sunnyvale, CA, Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles is the right place to go. All of our Labradoodles are health tested and have been thoroughbred for multiple generations. With a sweet and loving temperament, these puppies are perfect for families and individuals alike. These puppies grow to be between 20 and 35 pounds, which is a medium size for dogs.

Additionally, our Labradoodles are bred with hypoallergenic coats. This makes them a great pet, even if you are generally allergic to dogs. So when you are looking for a hypoallergenic family dog, our Labradoodles are the perfect option.


A Proven Pedigree

All of the dogs we use for breeding have a proven pedigree and are registered with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America. This assures that our dogs are all purebred and that you are getting a true labradoodle from us. 

Additionally, all of our parent dogs go through regular health testing to ensure they are strong enough to have a healthy litter. We perform this same medical testing on all of our puppies guaranteeing that they are healthy when you take them home. This ensures all of our show dog puppies are ready to find a good home.

Contact us when you are looking for a new hypoallergenic labradoodle for your family. We proudly serve Sunnyvale, CA, and the surrounding areas.