Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles

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Guardian Home Opportunities: 

We sometimes have opportunities for guardian homes with restrictions

If you believe this is something  you would like to do, please contact us for an interview, please fill out the application form

We have Ginger (2 months  old) available to a suitable guardian home. She is a Beautiful Apricot colored labradoodle, and very sweet natured. 

Our email is

What is a Guardian Home:

  • You get a beautiful Australian labradoodle for free; the finest, carefully picked puppy that will continue our breeding program; 
  • You own the puppy; we retain the breeding rights;
  • We will require your puppy for breeding. For a female, she has to come to us to breed, and then again, one week before her she is due to whel her puppies. When she has whelped, raised and weaned her puppies, she will return to you. For a male he will have much shorter visits, but more frequent visits.
  •  At the end of three- four years, we spay/neuter the puppy and we will have no more requirements of you or your pet.
  • A Guardian Home is very much like a forever home for one of our cream of the crop puppies or young breeding doodle.
  • We get the opportunity to expand our breeding program at Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles, and we do not believe in kenneling dogs
  • All breeding is done back here with us at Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles.




Are there benefits of being a guardian home?

  1. You get one of our best carefully picked Australian Labradoodle puppies for Free!
  2. .You don't need to pay anything; however, if you live more than 30 miles away,we request you to pay a fee that will be refunded when the dog has her first litter.


How many litters will my doodles have?

our females have  3 litters, and our males are neutered by about 4 years.




Feeding your Doodle

We require our guardian homes to feed the pet  "Life's abundance Dog food along with the daily wellness tablets for the life of the dog.