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Labradoodle Colors


Australian Labradoodles have both labradoodle and poodle in their lineage. Originally, the colors of the Labradoodle were those of the parent breeds, Black, cream and shades of grey. The original breeders also infused Irish water spaniel, and cocker spaniel, and the curly coat retriever. Breeders used these infusions to give a finer coat, but also for gentleness and reliability of temparament.

A surprising result of these infusions is the Chocolate color that resulted in some Labradoodles. This beautiful chocolate color is the breed standard for the curly coat retriever. This unique chocolate, liver color has been been perpetuated in a few of the original Australian Labradoodle lines, and is highly prized.

This chocolate color is highly sought by Labradoodle lovers, and some breeders own labradoodles which carry the chocolate gene. The Chocolate Labradoodle can have the curly fleece coat or the wavy fleece coat, both of which are exceptionally soft.


Cream is a popular color, especially in the Southwest. Usually the cream color labradoodle has a pink or liver nose, and gold or apricot highlights. The cream colored labradoodle might have a thick wavy fleece coat, silky coat, or a curly fleece coat.



In recent years, parti has started becoming a trend. People love these blotches of color on white. Parti can be red blotches of color on white, or chocolate on white.

Another rare mix of colors is called "accents". This is when a red puppy has white markings on their body.

The most distinctive and rare markings or accents are "white on the chest" and sometimes the paws (socks) of a mostly red labradoodle.


This is one of my favorite colors! The caramel color puppy ranges in color from gold to shades of red


This lovely color is like the inside of an Apricot, and usually has some highlights.


Red is one of the most beautiful colors in the Labradoodle family. It is very rare, and is much sought after. Few breeders carry red, and several breeders  have now started developing their red lines due to the exceeding popularity of this amazing color. Red is a truly prized and rare color. 

While Labradoodles can come in a few different shades of red, the real distinctive red is a rich and deep mahogany color.

Chocolate and white Tuxedo is now the rarest color in Labradoodles; It is a striking coat and the

hardest to find

Chocolate and white labradoodle

Red color Labradoodle