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Pricing and Payment



Policy and Pricing

It is the Mission of Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles to provide you with a beautiful and

loveable puppy. We provide great care and early training to promote good  and friendly behavior  

in these gentle-natured animals. We make sure your future puppy is ready for its new home and

family. All of our Labradoodle puppies are multi-generation labradoodles. They are low to

non-shedding, hypoallergenic friendly dogs. All of our dogs areauthentic Australian Labradoodles.

All of our puppies, besides those set aside for breeding, are priced at $3000, plus shipping.

If you are interested in a breeder puppy, please contact us.


Please fill out our Application form on our website, and complete our puppy family screening

process with us, before paying our puppy deposit. 

Regular Price: $3000 Plus Sales Tax at 7.65% for California Residents

Please Pay Deposit $350 to Book your puppy

Balance $2650 plus Sales Tax to be paid when puppies turn 6 weeks at your first Puppy Playdate 

Please click on Paypal button on bottom of page to make payment


 Following is included in the purchase of your Catherine Manor puppy

  • Collar, Leash,
  • Starter Puppy food,
  • Bowl, 
  • Dog Bed
  • Toy
  • Puppy Medical package: 1st round of vaccinations and deworming,  
  • Microchip
  • Documentation on raising your puppy 
  • Basic crate/ pen training, Beginning potty training
  • Spaying/ Neutering

Your included "Puppy go home package" is pictured.

  • You can buy a crate from us for $75 - $100 extra, if you need one. 3 options available

Puppy Application Form

Please fill out our Puppy Application Form on our website;

You will find this Puppy  Application Tab on the left.




In order to bring this little bundle of joy into your life, we require that you fill out a puppy application as well as pay a non-refundable deposit of $350. Your deposit can be used for a   later litter, if for some reason, you need to move to a later litter. You will be placed on a wait  list list once we

process your application and deposit. Your deposit will be applied to the purchase price of your puppy.

You can pay the deposit using Paypal below. If for any reason you choose not to purchase a puppy from Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles after you submit your deposit we      can move

your deposit to a later litter. Your deposit will hold your spot on the waiting list   for a period  of 2    years from the receipt of your deposit. After that time, your spot and   deposit will be  forfeited.


Cost of a Catherine Manor Labradoodle

All of our puppies, besides those set aside for breeding, are priced at $3000, plus shipping and handling. 

Your puppy comes:

  • With our 2 year Health Guarantee, this guarantee protects you against the diseases that are common in this breed. We do vigorous testing of our parent dogs before breeding, and should your puppy still contract these diseases, such aship and elbow dysplasia , pra blindness,within two years, we will give you a new puppy.
  • Catherine Manor Puppy Parent Training Pages, such as "feeding", "Vaccinating", etc.
  • Early potty training from 6 weeks of age
  • Registration with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America, or Master Dog Breeders Association, Australia,
  • Temperament conditioning since birth
  • Early Neural Stimulation to give your pet a superior advantage
  • Pedigree Certificate
  • Support from us, you are welcome to call with questions
  • Current Vaccinations
  • Microchip
  • Have been loved abundantly
  • Socialized with Children
  • Have begun Crate Training/ Pen training at 6 weeks so your puppy will be ready sleep                                                                                                 through the night
  • Comes with a leash, collar, and starter food, bowl, dog bed and toy
  • First puppy training session, a 150$ value, how to feed your puppy, when to feed, wher 

Crate Training means:

A crate is a "private room with a view", as defined by the Humane Society.

  • The primary use of a crate is for house training your puppy. 
  • Dogs dont like to soil their den or home. So they learn housetraining while in the crate,
  • The crate contains the puppy, so they dont run around the home and chew the furniture
  • Crates are also a safe way to transport your puppy.
  • Crates are not to be used for punishing your puppy

What we do by means of crate training:

We use an exercise pen for the puppies from their fifth to eighth week.This is a larger exercise

pen, about 50-80 square feet, with two rooms. We use puppy pad holders with puppy pads, and

change  the soiled pads every about every few hours. 

We will not separate a very young puppy from his littermates at six weeks and keep him solitary in his crate. The puppies are strongly attached to their littermates at that stage of development, and cannot be separated without causing them much anxiety at eight weeks.

Puppy Payment Options

Puppy Shipping

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What you can expect from us:
  • We will contact you through the pregnancy 
  • We will let you know when your puppy is born
  • We will update you weekly with pictures.
  • We will help you in making arrangements for pickup and delivery for your pup if necessary.
  • We will select your puppy based on temparament, special needs, your requirements and your lifestyle.
We occasionally ship puppies. Shipping for our puppies is $400. This includes :
  • Doctor's health certificate,
  •  Puppy crate,
  •  Transportation to the airport, 
  • Airline ticket. 

Deposit Details

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Your deposit will be utilized to hold your spot for your puppy. 

If for any reason, you decide not to go through with the purchase of your puppy, your deposit will

not be refunded. Your deposit will be utilized to hold your spot on the waiting list for a puppy for

two years. At the end of this period, your deposit will be forfeited.


Right Click on the following link and click "save as" in order to download the puppy contract. 

Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles Puppy Contract

Puppy Allotment:

I will assess the puppies at about 7 weeks of age, for confirmation and temperament and will allot the puppies to their respective families as follows. At about 7 weeks, I will pick a puppy for our breeding program. After this, we allot puppies to families who have a booking in this litter. When allotting puppies I take into consideration the puppies' temperament and looks, size, gender, color requests, and your families' needs based on the following: your application form,    the single most desirable trait that you look forward to in your puppy, as well as your interaction     with the puppies  at our puppy playdates. We will have about 3 puppy playdates for families in the booking after the puppies turn six weeks old. If you are not able to get a puppy trait that you are looking for, such as if you really want a female, and are not able to get a female pup, then we would be happy to roll over your deposit to the next litter. If there is a conflict between two or more families desiring the same traits then, we will sometimes follow the order of deposits in allotment.

As you wait for your puppy to grow, and develop, and come home to you, I will send you several documents to prepare for your new puppy. Our Catherine Manor Documents include the following:

  1. Puppy Feeding schedule
  2. Puppy Vaccination Schedule
  3. Puppy Shopping List
  4. Puppy Go Home Instructions
  5. Puppy Go home Package
  6. Multi vitamin supplementation for your puppy
  7. Your puppy go home contract

When you pick up your puppy, we make an appointment of atleast 30 minutes long to an hour, where I read the contract with you, as well as your puppy go home instructions. We will also give you a folder with your puppy medical package, as well as your contract and other documents. We then give you your puppy go home package, which includes puppy toy, food, a beautiful little dog bed, bowl, leash and a collar

Pick up for puppies is at 8 weeks of age. If you are not able to pick up your puppy on your puppy pick up date, I can board your puppy for an additional fee. I can also board your puppy when you are on vacation or for vaccinations at a competitive price for a Catherine Manor Puppy family rate.

Visits at our home, and in yours on occasion

We do not allow individual visits without recieving an approved application and deposit. We

arrange visits by appointment only, usually after the puppies are 6 weeks old. Please understand his this is mainly to protect the young puppies that are not fully vaccinated.

We also offer in home visits with puppies, at your home, at a charge of 150$. On selective

occasions, we will bring puppies to your home to meet you. You can save the drive, however

we have restrictions, puppies have to be old enough, for example.

If you cannot afford an Australian Labradoodle puppy, please consider our "Guardian   home" program. We sometimes have guardian home opportunities available.

Please contact us for prices on Breeding puppies.

Please have two references ready regarding your ability to be a good puppy parent. 

We reserve the right to refuse to sell our puppy if we feel the family is not suitable for our puppy,

for any reason.

To learn more about Australian Labradoodles, please see our

"About Labradoodles" page and links