Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles

Come Fall in Love!

Come, Fall in Love!

Pictures that our families send us: See how much our puppies are loved!

Our Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodle Puppy Family


 Here are Pictures our puppy families sent us, posted with their permission and thanks...

Harpo showered with love by his family at San Francisco

Cooper lives with his deeply caring family, at Santa Barbara


Sydney lives with her family at San Jose, she loves the beach!

Oscar, chosen by his 9 year old sister, in San Francisco


Biscuit with his family and two young sons in Canada

Bagel, much loved by her adoring family in Cupertino. 2013

Cozy ...

Sleeping at my home in Cupertino

Riding with my doting family... Bagel

How do you like my laugh? Bagel at Cupertino 

My family made made this special picture art with me as they waited for me to go home to Cupertino... Bagel!


Samy in Santa Clara: Loved by his famil of four

Mojo, in Sausalito... "We love him so much!"


Mojo, now in Texas

More family pictures coming soon!

Pictures of puppies playing at our home