Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles

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       We only breed Multi GenerationalAustralian Labradoodles

Our Moms

Catherine Manor Cookie Sheila

OFA Hips: Excellent, Elbows: Normal, PRA/ PRCA: Clear,

VWD: Clear, IC: Normal, EIC: Clear, DM: Clear; WALA # Pending

red labradoodle, red and white labradoodle

tuxedo labradoodle, red and white labradoodle, wavy coat

red labradoodle

Catherine Manor Zuri and Meri


Zuri: 21 lbs.

Meri 17 Pounds

red labradoodle puppy,

red labradoodle, miniature labradoodle,

Catherine Manor Sylvia Pepsi

ALCA Reg # 214-10232017-016-LB1


Pepsi is a beautiful Red Labradoodle with white accents. She is loving, sweet and a joy to have around.She is a Medium , and weighs 28 pounds.


EIC: Clear, IC; Normal, DM: Clear, PRA/PRCD: Clear. CAER: Normal;

Elbows: Normal Hips: Good


Catherine Manor Crystal


Catherine Manor Crystal lives with her loving family in Cupertino. Crystal is a beautiful Red Medium Labradoodle with a fleece coat and gentle, loving temperament.  

VWD: Clear ;PRA PRCD: Clear; DM: Clear; EIC: Clear

IC: Clear; Cardiac : Passed; Patella: Passed OFA HIPs and Elbows: Normal; CAER Eyes: Normal

red labradoodle crysatl

red labradoodle

australian labradoodle

Catherine Manor Faith

Miniature: 18 pounds

Caramel Labradoodle with white Tuxedo

OFA Hips: Good, Elbows: Negative, PRAPRCD: Clear, CAER : Normal

IC: Normal, VWD: Clear, DM: Clear, EIC: Carroer, VWD: Clear

caramel labradoodle miniature

caramel labradoodle puppy, red labradoodle, tuxedo labradoodle miniature

Labradoodle puppy, red labradoodle

Catherine Manor Ivy Maverick


Miniature: 23 pounds; Red Labradoodle with white tuxedo accents.

Daughter of our Gorgeous Zuri

Health Testing

PRA/PRCD: Negative. IC: Normal, VWD: Negative, EIC: Negative, DM: Negative

OFA Hips: Good; Elbows: Normal

red labradoodle

IVY labradoodle labradoodle puppy

Catherine Manor Amber

ALCA Reg # 214-02152017-014-LB1

Cream and Red Parti


    Testing Results

OFA Hips:  Fair

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF: Normal

PRA PRCD: Normal

                                             Our Dads

Crawford Corsair John


Corsair, our Gorgeous Chocolate and white

Labradoodle, Small Standard with a wavy fleece coat

Thank you Brenda Crawford for this beautiful and gentle Labradoodle

who joined our program in 2020.


IC: Clear, EIC: Clear; DM: Clear: VWD: Clear;

Elbows: Normal; Hips: Excellent; CAER: Normal

Chocolate and white labradoodlechocolate and white labradodle

chocolate and white labradoodle

Royal's Manickam Mac


Our miniature, 
Caramel Labradoodle.

Thank you Brenda of Royal Labradoodles for this wonderful addition

to our program at Catherine Manor. Mac has passed all 

Health testing with flying colors; he lives with his loving 

family in Palo Alto, California, and enjoys daily walks with 

his mom and dad

IC: Normal; EIC: Clear; Patella: Passed; Hips: Good;

Elbows: Normal, VWD: Negative; DM:Negative: PRA/ PRCD: Clear

CAER: Eyes: Passed

red labradoodle

miniature labradoodle, caramel

caramel miniature labradoodle

Miniature red  labradoodle

Retired  Breeding Dogs

Catherine Manor's Rudolph Ganesh 

Irresistible, playful and fun

ALCA Registration Number 213-11022014-006-LD1


Our Stunning Red labradoodle, silky fleece coat

Dam: Ashford Manor Padame

Sire: Abraham Forrest

Registration # 213-11022014-006-LD1

Testing Results:

Cardiac: Normal

OFA Hips: good

Elbows: Normal


Patellas: Normal

Rudy Ganesh lives with his guardian family in the East Bay. He is sweet, playful, funny and gentle natured. He is loved by his guardian family dearly. Rocco is the son of our famous "Padame" and Forrest. He has  a rare and beatiful red coat. His family says they have not gone out a single time without receiving compliments about him. Not only is he stunning in appearance, he has an endearing and the sweet temperament.

 Catherine Manor Benjamin Beethoven


ALCA Registration # 145-12112015-239-LD1

Pennhips  Excellent

OFA Elbows good

Cerf: Normal

PRA Clear