Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodles

Come Fall in Love!


Bringing Home Your New Puppy


We are glad you have chosen a Catherine Manor Australian Labradoodle Puppy for your family pet. We wish you joy. You have our support and help. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Bringing home your new puppy is an exciting and a happy period of your life. You are starting to "Fall in Love" with your gorgeous new Australian Labradoodle puppy. 


You need to consider the following before bringing your puppy home.



Who will be the primary caregiver for your puppy?


Where will your puppy sleep?

What will your puppy eat?

How will you train your puppy?

Who will be your puppy's doctor?


How will you house train your puppy?



Bringing home your new puppy


This is a very exciting period in your life. Your precious little puppy will join your family. For most of you, the bonding process has already begun. You have seen your puppy grow and develop, and your gogeous new Australian Labradoodle puppy  will be home.

Before you bring your puppy home, you need to consider the following:

1.Who will be the primary caregiver for your puppy

2. Where your puppy will sleep

3. What you need to buy for your puppy: Your shopping list

4. Puppy proofing your home

5. What training will you be offering your puppy

6. Where will your puppy pee and poop

7. How you will clean up

8. What will your puppy do? Toys and other games

9. If you work, how long your puppy will be alone, and how best you can limit this time.

10. Who will be your puppy's vet?

11. Vaccinations that your puppy will need

12. Crate training and house breaking for your puppy

13. Read a good book about raising your new puppy


Shopping List for your Puppy

Food Supplies

  1. Puppy Food
  2. Puppy Food Storage Bin
  3. Food Bown
  4. Water Bowl

House training  and play supplies

  1. Puppy crate
  2. Puppy toy
  3. Play pen for your puppy
  4. Puppy Bed
  5. Puppy toys
  6. Collar
  7. Leash
  8. Puppy Pads
  9. Book on raising your puppy well